Ujjain: : Annual Sports Week started in the MITM institute of MIT Group of Institutes, various games like football, leg cricket, cricket, chase, badminton, table tennis, Kho-kho, etc will be played during this event. On this occasion, institute Director Dr. JN Visas, Vice President Shri Aditya Vashistha was presented as the chief guest. In his remarks, Shri Vashishth said that in order to encourage the students to strengthen the team spirit, and participating actively in sports, considering the refinement of their individual and regardless of the loss or victory, students was encouraged to participate in games. The sports secretary of the student union, Mr Abhishek Chattewadi introduced the guests. On this occasion Pro. Vishal Gupta, Mr. Usman Khan was present. The above information is given by PRO. Mushtaq Patel.