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one day workshop on Yoga & Meditation on Women's Day by WEC at MIT Group
Self Defense programme organised by Rashmika at MIT Group
Rashmika Garba Utsav at MIT Group
Awareness of cleanliness among the villagers by WEC
International women's day celebrated by WEC
Rashmika event Joy of Gratitude was organised at MIT on 25/02/2017
Rashmika cookery workshop 1 Feb 2017 at MIPS
Mission Shiksha at Karchha School
WEC Organized a session on SELF - DEFENSE - MIT Campus
Plantation Day : 26-07-2016
  • Women Empowerment Cell "Rashmika" organized Plantation Day on 26th July 2016 to mark the occasion of foundation day of MIT. Cell chairperson Mrs. Renu Vashishta said they will play an active role to keep the environment clean and hygienic.

International Women Day & Second Anniversary of Rashmika
  • Women Empowerment Cell Rashmika celebrated International Women Day and Second Anniversary of Rashmika on 8th March 2016 by organizing a seminar on Diet and Nutrition. Cell chairperson Mrs. Renu Vashishta welcomed the keynote speaker Megha Chandel, who spoke on importance of dieting habits and how to control them.

Garba Event
  • On 17th October 2015 WEC “Rashmika” had conducted garba event in which all female staff and non staff members participated. Event was followed with the distribution of prizes for best garba dance group, best dress up and best dancer.

Sweater Distribution at Karchha School
  • On 14th October 2015 WEC “Rashmika” had distributed sweaters and other items to the needy students at Karchha School. “Joy of Giving” continues as a regular task of WEC

You Make a Difference
  • A counseling session for first year girls “You Make a Difference” was organized on 16th September 2015 to discuss their various health and hygiene issues. Dr. Satendar Kaur Saluja, a renowned gynecologist of Ujjain, was the chief guest of the event.

Plantation Event
  • On 27th July 2015 WEC “Rashmika” celebrated 14th MIT Foundation Day by planting sapling and carried out “Go Green “ concept successfully.

Picnic at Gambhir Dam
  • On 11th July 2015 WEC organized a picnic at Gambir Dam where all the women faculties and non teaching staff enjoyed. Various games were also played and gifts were distributed to the winners.

Clothes Distribution at Bal Sanrakshan Grah
  • On 27th June 2015 another event of drop box facility was conducted by WEC “Rashmika” by distributing clothes and other useful items to the needful boys at Bal Sanrakshan Grah. The joy of giving was conducted successfully.

Clothes Distributed by Reshmika
Lecture on Business Ethics, Corporate Etiquettes
  • On 20th April 2015 WEC organized a special lecture on Business Ethics, Corporate Etiquettes for 3rd and 4th year girl students only. Dr.Prerna Kunal Singh gave tips to students to boost their self confidence and how to make actual assesment of their self-worth. Koni Bhatnagar Mam from S Kumar’s told students how time management can reduce their stress.

Clothes Distribution at Aagan Balikagrah
  • On 11th April 2015 another event of drop box facility was conducted by WEC “Rashmika” by distributing clothes and other useful items to the needful girls at Aagan Balikagrah. The joy of giving was conducted successfully.

Celebration of Women Day
  • On 7th March 2015 Mahakal Group of Institutes celebrated International Women Day and 1 year completion of WEC “Rashmika”. The event was a great success where whole program skit, song, dance, anchoring, all were performed by the faculty members and supporting staff of MGI(Rashmika). Dr.Nalini Rewadikar and Dr. Anupama Tikku were chief guest of the event.

Clothes Distribution at Mother Teresa Aashram (21st november 2014)
  • Women empowerment Cell is not only limited to distribution of old things to MGI peons but also a great step was taken to distribute the clothes collected from drop box facility at Mother Teresa Aashram of Ujjain under the slogan “ Your Old Things Can Become New For Someone Who Are in Need.”

Clothes Distribution at MGI(15th november 2014)
  • Clothes and other accessories collected from drop box facility was distributed to the peons working in MIT by women empowerment cell under the slogan “ your Old Things Can Become New For Someone Who Are In Need.”

Talent Show “Choo Lo Aasman”
  • Talent Show “Choo Lo Aasman” was organized on 12/07/2014 for all the lady faculty and staff members of MGI in order to give a platform where they can express their talent such as singing, dance, acting, etc.

  • Navratri Celebration “Garba”(1st october 2014)

  • Navratri was celebrated by Rashmika’s by playing dandiya on 1st October 2014 with great pomp and show. The sticks of the dance represent the sword of Durga Maa. Women Empowerment Cell performed it in a graceful and rhythmic manner.

  • You Make a Difference (10th september 2014)

  • A guest lecture was conducted on 10th September 2014 by Dr. Jaya Mishra, gynecologist at Ujjain, for the 1st year girl students about health awareness and hygienic related maintenance.

  • Tree Plantation (26th july 2014)

  • Plantation of saplings was carried on Foundation Day of MGI on 26th july 2014 with motto “Go Green”. Energy matters is all about green energy and green energy means a reduction in carbon-di-oxide emissions.

  • Mission Shiksha at Karchha School (27th june 2014)


  • Mission Shiksha Silarkhedi School (24th june 2014)

  • The stationary purchased from collection of funds and stationery collected from MGI faculty and staff under the ‘Mission Shiksha’ aegis of Rashmika (WEC) of MGI and Dainik Bhaskar was distributed in primary schools of Silarkhedi on 25-06-2014 and Karcha Village on 27-06-2014. Joy of giving at Silarkhedi and Karchha School was conducted successfully.

  • Inaugral Ceremony of Women Empowerment Cell (8th march 2014)

  • Women Empowerment Cell “Rashmika” was formed on 8th march 2014 at MGI with the vision of empowering women for change through intellectual, professional and social development.