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Students Regulation



1. Candidates appearing as regular students for any semester examination are required to attend 75 percent of the lectures delivered end of the practical classes held separately in each subject of the course of study, provided that a short fall in attendance up to 10 % and a further 5% can be condoned by the principal of the college as per ordinance of university.

2. Leave other then vocation will not normally be granted to the student during the session .Parents and guardians are requested not to encourage their wards to take the leave from institute .any kind of leave is admissible only with the prior written permission of the principal , but min. requirement of attendance will have to be fulfill as mentioned in (1).

3. Admission rules and the procedure are subject to alteration, modification at any time without notice to the candidates and with the approval of government of Madhya Pradesh.

4. Students remaining absent from classes for longer duration will be dealt as per discipline clause no. 2.


1. Every student in the college shall keep a good behavior, show diligence and studies, maintain decorum and dignity, take proper interest in co-curricular activities and observe all the rules of discipline of the institute.

2. When student has been guilty of breach of discipline within or outside the precincts of the institute or persistent idleness or has been guilty of misconduct, the head of institution at which such students are studying may according to nature and gravity of the offence.

o Suspend such a student from attending classes for not more than a week a time.


o Expel such a student from his institution

o Disqualifying such a student from appearing at the next ensuing examination.


o Rusticate such a student.

3. Before inflicting any punishment as aforesaid, the head of the institution shall give the student concerned an opportunity of a personal hearing to record the reason of inflicting the punishment in written.

4. The head of the institution concern shall have power to suspend for such time as may be necessary student temporarily from the institution pending enquiry into his conduct in connection with the alleged offence.

5. The period during which a student remains suspended for completion of enquiry shall be reckoned in the calculation of his attendance for appearing in the examination provided he is found innocent.

6. A student who has been restricted shall not admit to another institution within the jurisdiction of the university. Ordinarily the period of rustication shall not exceed two years.Other university shall be informing of the fact of the rustication.

7. The rustication of the student from institution shall entail the removal of his name from the register of enrolled student.


The parent /Guardians are advised in the interest of their wards to pay special attention to the attendance requirement of the university for good academic attainment and examination results. The administration of the college keep direct contact with the parents and conveys the complete report of the student to them and expects from the guardians a positive response , whenever contacted by the administration . In case of Irregularities or indiscipline from the side of the student, information is communicated to the parents. Parents/Guardians should spare time to come for the parents meet whenever it is arrange in the institution ,this will be provide opportunities to them to know about changing attitude , academic progress and growth of the professionalism in their wards.

"Ragging is completely banned" - Supreme Court's order

As a follow up action on Supreme Court's order on writ pretention no. 656 of 1998, the govt. of Madhya Pradesh has issued order putting complete ban on ragging. The human right commission has directed to have zero tolerance.

Any student involve in ragging is liable for strict punishment which may include:

1. Expulsion from institution.

2. Debarring from examination.

3. Suspension from institute or from classes.

4. Withholding results.

5. Suspension or expulsion from hostel.

The parents of the students are advised that they should make cautious their wards to refrain from these social menaces.

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