Vision & Mission
  • To develop an academically ambient environment for individual to be a technologically superior, socially conscious person and feel responsibility for the nation as a citizen.
  • Help the student to develop a scholastic and integrated personality.
  • Impost soured theoretically and practical knowledge of Engineering./Technology to young men and women.
  • Develop the quality of leadership and sense of creativity in a student.
  • Inculcate social and moral values and for national heritage among students.
  • To promote research for the welfare of the society especially underdeveloped or rural areas.
  • Develop the attitude for entrepreneurship.
Quality Policy

Our organization is committed to be an academic institution dedicated for excellence in education and technological services. Through continual efforts for improvement in quality and delivering value in education, students would be empowered with technical and professional skills. This shall be achieved by implementing ISO-9001:2000, working on continual improvement and developing adequate resources.

Admission Open Online fee Deposit
Engineering : - Atul Johari : 9425030643 | Sanjay Tripathi : 9926047912 | Pharmacy : - Alok Sharma :: 9755159404 | Deepshikha Kukde : 8827348396 | Management : - Namita Soni Sugandhi : 8871832332 | Girish Shah : 9826665486 | MCA : - Javed Nagori : 9826775800 ITI : - | Rituraj : 8982395579