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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof Manish Soni

Mechanical Engineers are required to design, test, manufacture, install, operate and maintain a wide variety of machines and Mechanical systems that are used in number of industries. Our students use scientific and engineering principles to design new and better technologies to improve our quality of life.

Why To Choose Mechanical Engineering

Since Mechanical Engineering is the broadest of all the engineering fields, the job prospects on offer for skilled Mechanical Engineers are plenty and unending. The employability prospects are very high and bright. The field demands constant involvement in the development of new components, gadgets and machines. Mechanical Engineering provides innovative contribution to the new frontiers of science such as nanotechnology, biomedical engg. & environmental sciences.

About Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT Group of Institutes, Ujjain, boasts of 46 faculty members in total including 8 doctorates. The faculty members are post¬graduates in various disciplines like IE&M, Thermal Engineering, Design, Production, CIM, Tribology. The department contributes vastly to the research field. More than 140 research papers have been published in national and international journals and conferences till date. The department provides guidance for the projects from government and private organizations.

LAB Details:

KOM/ DOM Lab Universal Vibrating MIC, Dynamic Balancing of Rotary Bodies, Universal Governor, CAM Analysis, Motorized Gyroscope , CAM and Followers, Four Bar Chain Mechanism, Mechanical Break, Epicyclic Gear, Prony Brake Dynamometer, Disc Break, Gear Sets, Warm Gear, Differential Gear, Double Shoe Brake, Centrifugal Clutch, Multi-plate Clutch, Single Plate Clutch, Internally Expending Brake, Conical Friction Clutch, Whitworth quick return Mechanism, Oscillating Cylinder Mechanism,
RAC/ IC lab/AUTO ENGG. Air conditioning Test Rig, 2-S Petrol Engine Test Rig, Multi Cylinder petrol Engine Test Rig, Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig, Electrolux Vapor Absorption Ref. Test Rig, Ice-Plant Test Rig, Wheel Assembly , Brake With Calliper, Brake Wire, Chin Sprocket, Paddle Set, Chin , Gear Sets, Deraillers, Suspension
Fluid Mech. Lab Hydraulic Bench App., Metacentric Height App., Reynold's Number App.
BME Lab Sudgen Super Heater, Water Gauge, High Steam & Law Water Safety Value, Green 's' Economizer.
HMT Lab Natural Convection Heat Transfer App. Heat Transfer Through composite Wall App., Critical Radius of Insulation App., Emissivity Measurement App., Stefan–Boltzmann App., Forced Convection App., Pin Fin App., Metal Rol App. , Drop wise 2 Flumaise Cond App., Parallel & Counter flow heat Exchanges.
MOM Lab Universal Testing MIC, Impact Testing MIC, Hardness Tester.
CNC / PND, PNWR Lab CNC Turning M/C, Milling M/C Conversion, Lathe M/C, Shaper M/C, MILLING MACHINE CUTTER.
E. Mechanic Lab Parallel Force App. Open Belt drive Model, Bell Crank Lever, Simple Jib Crane, Double Purchase Crab Winch, Inclined Plane, Screw Jack, Flywheel, Friction Coil App,. Triangle Law of force App. Water,
Thermodynamics Lab / ECS Lab Separating Throttling Calorimeter Lamount Boiler Model (Chart), Velox Boiler Model (Chart,) Vertical Boiler, Parallel Flow Jet Condenser , Counter Flow Jet Condenser , Loeffler Boiler Model , Surface Condenser , Air Pre Hater , Benson Boiler , Evaporative condenser, Solex Carburetor, Ejector Condenser, Pure Reaction Turbine, Delavel Turbine, Petrol Engine 2 Strike.
CAD / CAM HCL System (CPU, TFT, Keyboard, Mouse)
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