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Successful completion of 14 years of Academic Excellence & Ranked among top 100 Engineering Institutes in India: Dalal Street
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Prof.Updesh Pandey

Electrical engineers design many of the systems that we use every day, including the nation's electrical power grid, computer systems, cell phones, communications satellites, biomedical devices, automatic control systems, robotics, nanotechnology, renewable energy, and much more.

Why To Choose Electrical Engineering

The power sector accounts for almost a quarter of the projected investments amongst all the infrastructure sectors between 2012-17. With a production of 1108 TW, India is the world's fifth largest producer and consumer of electricity with a total demand of 1905 TW expected by2022. Wind energy accounts for nearly 70% (21.1 GW) of installed capacity, thereby making India the world's fifth largest wind energy producer. The Government of India has seta capacity addition target of 30 GW, which will take the total renewable capacity to almost 55GW by the end of 2017. This includes 15 GW from wind power, 10 GW from solar power, 2.9 GW from biomass power and 2.1 GW from small hydro power. One of the major developments in the Indian solar sector is the JNNSM initiative, which basically aims at generating 20 GW of solar power by year 2020. The Govt. targeted additional thermal power capacity of 88.5 GW during 2012-17 and 86.4 GW during 2017-22.

About Department

Today is the era of science & Technology, quality education is also under scanner and the onus of imparting specialized technical education lies on the respective branch of engineering. The Department of Electrical Engineering, MIT Ujjain, which has a fine blend of renowned as well as young and dynamic personalities as faculty, All the faculties are dedicated to teaching student and aiding them in developing technical and communication skills necessary to have successful careers..

LAB Details:

Basic Electrical Engineering 0-110-200-230 volt 3 KVA Transformer / 02, 011.200,230 volt 3 KVA TR for insulation / 01, Variac single phase 20 amp 230 amp 230 volt / 02, Variac 3 phase close type / 01, Voltmeter / 04, Ammeter 10/20 Amp / 03, Ammeter 0-25/50 Amp / 02, Wattmeter 0-150/300/600v / 04, 1 phase induction motor / 01, 3 phase alternator / 01,
Controal System LAB Open loop closed loop, Time response of second order experimental kit, Sychcro motor, Lag lead compensator, Bode plot Demonstration, Ac servo motor, DC servo motor, Stepper motor, PID controller, Transfer function demonstration kit, Type 0,Type 1,Type 2 controller, CRO, Frequency generator,
Network Analysis lab Kit for verification lows & networks theorem DC ckt, make omega H-Y-Z parameter kit LOGSON made
Power Electronics & Drives SCR , TRIAC,DIAC, MOSFET,IGBT , characteristics, unit model: csu, make pargna. R&RC firing ckt, UJT & UJT relaxation oscillator. Forced commutation study unit, Single phase half controlled converter power ckt. Single-phase full controlled converter power ckt. Single-phase converter firing ckt, DC chopper power ckt. DC chopper firing ckt. Single-phase cyclo converter power circuit, firing ckt. Single phase cyclo converter firing ckt.. Single phase dual converter power ckt.. Single phase dual converter firing ckt.. Single phase Mcmurray bad ford inverter. Single phase PWM inverter, DC Traction Motor with single phase controlled rectifier, 3-phase IGBT based PWM inverter fad 3-phase induction motor, 3-phase slip ring induction motor controller using IGBT Chopper.
Instrumentation Lab Calibrating set of voltmeter by potentiometer Calibrating set of Ammeter by potentiometer, Determination of ballistic constant of ballistic galvonometer, Meggar 0-200 MOhm, Power factor meter, Energy meter, Digital Multimeter , Wattmeter, Lux meter, Calibration of Dynometer wattmeter by phantom loading, Measurment of Earth resistance by fall of potential method, Calibration of Electronic Single phase energy Meter.
Power System Instantaneous Over Current Relay Over Voltage/Under Voltage Relay, Instantaneous over current relay kit, IDMT relay kit, Over voltage relay kit, Differential relay kit, Working model of bucholz relay, Fuse and thermal relay kit, Differential relay kit.
Electrical Machine 3-phase 2 hp induction motor Elemo made Rheostat set 1-10 A , DC generator set with shunt motor, DC generator set with compound motor, 7.5 HP 3-phase motor with dc shunt generator and filed regulator, 4 Pt. Starter for DC motor, 1-phase induction motor of 1 HP 3 phase alternator of 3.5 kVA with 3 pt. Starter , Synchronous Motor coupled with dc generator exciter dc shunt wound with damper winding , Variable inductive load, Digital techometer, contact type and non contact type.
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