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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Prof Gaurav Gupta

The profession of applying scientific principles to the design, development, fabrication, automation, repair & maintenance of Electrical/ Electronic Machines, Instruments and Communication systems. The term "electronic engineering" denotes a broad engineering field that covers subfields such as analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. Electronics engineering deals with implementation of applications, principles and algorithms developed within many related fields, for example solid-state physics, radio engineering, telecommunications, control systems, signal processing, systems engineering, computer engineering, instrumentation engineering, electric power control, robotics, and many others.

Why To Choose Electronics & Communications Engineering

By choosing Electronics, you are opening doors to: A rewarding and professional career with competitive pay. A fulfilling career in an ever changing and expanding industry sector. A domain that is always in demand for good technologists. Make in India is an initiative of the Govemment of India, to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India. The major objective behind the initiative is to focus on 25 sectors of the economy for job creation and skill enhancement and Electronics is one of them. DIGITAL INDIA a concept of Government of India with the aim that "science, technology and innovation must reach the poorest, the remotest and the most vulnerable persons." This impacts Direct 1.7 Crores and Indirect at least 8.5 Crores Job creation by 2019.

About Department

Today is the era of science & Technology, quality education is also under scanner and the onus of imparting specialized technical education lies on the respective branch of engineering. The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, MIT Ujjain, which has a fine blend of renowned, highly qualified as well as young and dynamic personalities as faculties. All the faculties are dedicated to teaching student and aiding them in developing technical and communication skills necessary to have successful career. Apart from this the department is enriched with all types of advanced resources like laboratory instruments, latest books, journals and national & international memberships etc.

LAB Details:

ANALOG & DIGITAL COMMUNICATION 5 In dual trace CRO (CRO, Function generator,Power supply/ Logic scope, Freq. counter & Component tester), Dual trace CRO, DSO, Function generator, Digital multimeter, DSB/SSB AM transmitter trainer, DSB/SSB AM receiver trainer, FM transmitter/receiver trainer, Sampling & reconstruction trainer, TDM pulse amplitude modulation/dem. trainer, TDM, PCM transmitter trainer, TDM , PCM receiver trainer, PAM,PPM,PWM modulator / demodulator, Delta, Adap. delta & Delta sigma mod./dem. tr. Data formating & carrier modu.transmitter tr. Data reformating & carrier demod. receiver tr. 2 GHz Spectrum analyser, Spectrum analyser application demo trainer.
COMMUNICATION NETWORK Transmission Line trainer, Active Low pass filter, Active High pass filter, Active Band pass filter
OPTICAL COMMUNICATION Fiber optics trainer, Advance fiber optics trainer, Optical power meter, Laser Fiber Optic Trainer LT 2506
DATA COMMUNICATION Data formating & carrier modulation transmitter trainer, Data reformating & carrier demodulation receiver trainer, Modem demonstration trainer, Fax demonstration trainer, TDM - PCM transmitter, TDM - PCM receiver, Data communication trainer
DCS/DELD/DEM Digital work station (lab) ST-2611, 4-bit magnatude comparator DB-34, 4-bit parallel adder/subtractor DB-19, Binary adder/subtractor DB-08, Code conversion (B-G & G-B) DB-06, Code conversion (BCD to EXCESS 3) DB-07, 4- bit synchronous binary counter DB-13, 4-bit binary Ripple counter DB-14, Flip-Flop DB-11, Parity generator checker DB-33, Shift Register DB-12, 8085 Microproceser trainer XPO-85, Counters & shift registers, Counters & shift registers, Decoder trainer, Decoder trainer, Logic trainer board, 16 line to 1 line multiplexer, 8-bit A/D converter, 8-bit D/A converter, Nand gate encoder, Adder-half & full gate, Subtractor-half & full gate, Various flip-flops, Counters & shift registers, Scientech digital lab, Multiplexer & demultiplexer trainer with digital lab, Dual trace microcontroller based CRO 20 MHz [Black Color] , Digital multimeter.
ELECTRONICS-(I+II) & EDC-(I+II) Dual trace CRO - 410, Dual trace CRO - 920, Dual trace CRO - 803, Function generator, 10 MHz Function generator with frequency counter, Single power supply, Dual power supply, Digital multimeter, Difference amplifier kit, Two Stage R-C coupled amplifier kit, Wein bridge audio oscillator, Oscillator(Vari.Type), MOSFET characteristic acteristic, Push-Pull amplifier kit, Darlington pair amplifier, UJT trainer kit, OP-Amp amplifier kit, A.F. O/P Power meter 10 W, Transistor characteristic kit, Discrete component trainer, Decade resistance box, Halfwave rectifier trainer, Fullwave rectifier trainer, Bridge rectifier trainer, Frequency to voltage converter trainer, SCR characteristic kit, Feedback amplifier kit, FET characteristic kit, OP-Amp designer application kit, 555 based multivibrator, Transistor series voltage regulator with power supply, Transistor shunt voltage regulator with power supply, Transistor as a switch with power supply, Advance Analog Lab With PC Interface (ST-2612-A), Active Filter (LPF+HPF) (AB-51), Active Band Pass Filter (AB-52), Class A-Amplifier (AB-21), Class B-Push Pull emitter follower (AB-22), Differential amplifier (Trans.) (AB-41), Diode Characteristics (Si,Zener,LED) (AB-01), FET Characteristics (AB-08), Log & Antilog amplifier (AB-110), Operational amplifier (Inv/non-Inv/Diff.) (AB-42), Operational amplifier (adder/scalar) (AB-43), Operational amplifier (Integ./Diff.) (AB-44), RC Coupled amplifier (AB-18), Rectifier Circuit (AB-09), Schematic trigger & Comparator (AB-45), Transistor Characteristics (CB-NPN) (AB-02), Transistor Characteristics (CC-NPN) (AB-06), Transistor Characteristics (CE-NPN) (AB-04), Zener Voltage Regulator (AB-31), CRO 20MHz With Digital Readout of Range (Caddo-801),
COMPUTER NETWORK,VLSI,DSP & MICROPROCESSOR "LAN trainer, Universal VLSI trainer, CPLD trainer, Universal VLSI trainer (FPGA), Universal base board trainer, VLSI design Xilinx-ISE S/W CD, Tanner tools Pro (one lock for T-Spice and L-edit), 8085-Microprocessor trainer XPO-85, 8086-Microprocessor trainer XPO-86, 8086-Microprocessor trainer XPO-86, Module to convert 8086 to 8088, Peri-8251,8253,8257,8259, Converter card, DSP starter kit (DSK) TMS320C6713 with CCS, DSP starter kit (DSK) TMS320CV5416 with CCS, Embedded base board with CPLD & Microcontroller card.
ANTENNA , WAVE ,TV & RADAR ENGINEERING Antenna trainer Antenna trainer manual/motorised, Antenna trainer BASE unit (Without antennas), Colour TV demonstration trainer, Black & white TV demonstration trainer, Separated sections of black & white TV demo trainer, Colour TV demonstration trainer, NVIS RADAR trainer, Digital storage oscilloscope 200 MHz, Digital storage oscilloscope application demo trainer.
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