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Successful completion of 14 years of Academic Excellence & Ranked among top 100 Engineering Institutes in India: Dalal Street
Department of Civil Engineering

Prof Shailendra Kumar Verma

Civil Engineering is a Professional Engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. It is traditionally broken into several sub-disciplines including Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Municipal or Urban Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Materials Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Surveying and Construction Engineering. Civil engineering takes place on all levels: in the Public Sector ranging from Municipal to Federal levels, and in the Private Sector ranging from individual homeowners to international companies.

Civil Engineering is a "people serving profession". Design
Research of fixed structures

Why To Choose CIVIL Engineering :

Civil Engineers have always faced the challenges of the future advancing civilization and improving quality of life. The next decades will be the most creative, demanding, and rewarding times for Civil Engineers. Now it's the best time to find out Civil Engineering as the right career.
Start Work With Just a Bachelor's Degree
Great Pay
Growing job Market
Exciting Work
Variety of Opportunities

LAB Details:

Survey/Material Testing/concrete lab/soil mechanics lab/transport lab GI Sieves 45 cm Bress Sievers 20cm
Thickness Guage
Length Guage
Impact value apporatus
Centrifugal extractor
Porematic Compass
Surveyer Compass
Auto level
Cement and Concrete Mould
Lechetelier apparatus
Specific Gr.Bottle
Sieve sheker
Proving Ring 2 Kn
beam mould-1
cleaveland flash and fire point apparatus-1
cube moulds 150mm-6
cube moulds 70.7mm-3
cylinderical moulds caste iron-1
density basket-1
flow tabke for cement mortar(hand operated)-1
hydraulic compression testing machine-1
veebee consistometer-1
vibrating machine-1
vicat's apparatus-3
bulk density-1
tar viscometer for 4mm orifice-1
cbr mould with all accessories-3
compaction factor apparatus-1
core cutter-1
density bottle-6
field density by sand replacement-1
permiablity apparatus-1
plument balance-1
shrinkage limit apparatus-1
circular spacing disc-3
metal tripod for dial gauge-3
perforated swell plate-3
dial gauge-3
surcharge weight-3
surcharge weight slotted-3
lynx 100mm prismatic compass with tripod-6
lynx allumuinum telescopic stand-6
lynx brunton pocket transist with stand-6
lynx clinometer compass-1
lynx-lawrence &mayo automatic level-6
standard vernier theodolite model-6
levelling staff-6
survey umbrella-2
standard penetrometer-1
aggegate crushing value test-1
ring and ball apparatus-1
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