Our library is the central hub of the institute, well-equipped with latest books, journals, magazines and CD’s/DVD’s to support and facilitate teaching, learning and research programmes of the Institute.

Each Institutional Library Provides Following facilities to students : -

  • Provides a great scope for the students to improve their knowledge.
  • Displays more than 30,000 books relevant to various fields of study from reputed publications authored by eminent authors.
  • Fully computerized system with barcode facilities with International Standards.
  • Facility of searching the books and journals,online.
  • Subscriptions to a wide range of more than 50 National & International reputed journals and 25 Magazines.
  • Students are issued 6 readers tickets for borrowing books, CDs, journals or magazines. Top 3 merit students in each branch are given two extra library tickets for their use having 10 P-IV Computer systems with online IEEE, DLINE journals & DELNET.


A person can't learn to ride a bike by reading its manual. He needs to take practical sessions of riding a bike to learn it. Similarly, a professional is not completely ready without proper application of knowledge. Practical experiments and workshops are just as important as theoretical study. Therefore we make sure that our students are provided with the best infrastructure and modern laboratories that are well-stocked and equipped with the latest technology equipments and instrumemts as these offer the most suitable environment for learning.

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